Web Design

Whether you are looking to create a personal or business website, we’re is here to help!


Here BennyTan.Net, we have helped many individuals and companies create high quality websites.  We know that creating a website on your own can be strenuous and very costly.  That’s why we design and create websites based around what the customer desires.  There will be no hidden or extra fees for you because we will  grant you full customization. What makes us successful is what makes you successful.


The websites that we create are all SEO optimized, keyword targeted, and have rich optimized content.  Your website can be installed on a content management software (CMS) of your choice, allowing you to edit content anytime you want!  We will host your websites at a very low cost and will provide a support whenever you need assistance! And Yes! We are HTML5 Ready!


Check out our portfolio for some of our works!

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